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About K.I.M.’s List

We have introduced the only comprehensive website for parents and guardians to interactively find, apply and register for educational, recreational, products and services in and out of Bermuda.

We have captured all aspects of educational resources in Bermuda. You can choose from tutors, reading clinics to foreign language assistance. There is listed a full spectrum of camps, sports clinics and oversees resources to better prepare your child for the sport or recreational activity of their dreams.

We offer memberships to receive discounts, special program information and full access to all that K.I.M.’s List has to offer.

If you don’t know where to start, start with our K.I.M.’s List Blog. We tackle topics that offer solutions that will direct you back to our website for you to find the resolution to your educational or recreational task.

We pride ourselves on having the most accurate and updated information, products and services for your child.

We have prepared this site with all of our Kids In Mind…..

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