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Staying safe is the key to maintaining a sense of normalcy. Although, hygiene is now the most upmost urgent fixture in our new way of play. Getting our kids into sporting activities once again should not be a challenge. K.i.M.’s List provides our parents with a plan to ease the path.
Search our directory to explore activities for your kids in Sports and Recreation or just type in a sport in our search to find listings. Our comprehensive listings will provide ease in planning for kids of all ages and levels. If you are like me, trying to find a fit for the interests of my child specifically is a trial-and-error event. Experience new sports and activities on a trial basis of a week or two-weeks. A camp would be ideal to introduce the child to the routine, rules, and instructors of your chosen activities. Parents should also research the costs involved with activities. Finally, seeking familiar participants and referred activities is extremely beneficial in gaining important information concerning your chosen sport.

Safety First
Understanding the processes of the sports body you are enrolling your child in is imperative. Rules should be clear and adhered to. Make sure your child has sanitizers, masks and proper hygiene practices established before engaging with children outside of their daily bubbles. Take extra care to sanitation of gear and uniforms when encountering family members within the household. Create a special space to store equipment until it is sanitized or washed. Make sure your child’s property is labeled and not used by others. Most sporting bodies and activity coordinators will require your child to have negative COVID-19 tests. Please constantly check for symptoms and do not send your child to activities if signs of symptoms are revealed.

Contactless Sports

Most team sporting activities will require contact between participants. Below is a list of contactless sporting activities. This list includes the ages and levels of preparedness needed to take part.


Team vs. Individual Sports

Being part of a team teaches discipline, working together and provides a drive to stand-out.  No matter the skill level of an individual the entire team is impacted by the results of the game. Having peers to engage in competitions to challenge skills and push young athletes to their full potential.

Individual sports require a different demeanor with a separate set of dynamics to achieve success.  Motivation rests solely on the participant, your child is their own competition, seeking to beat their personal bests. Self-reliance, discipline, focus, and passion are the virtues that are present in children who participate in individual sports. 

More Information

Check out the Spring and Summer issues of Bermuda Parent Magazine, for more information concerning getting them involved in Bermuda sports and recreational activities at

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